The Arlington City Library is 85 years old in 2018!

The Arlington Enterprise June 23, 1933, headline states Getting Books Ready to Loan, Over 200 Volumes Donated to Arlington’s New Public Library. The first work session was at the home of Mrs. Mabel Ousley. By June 30, 1933 a Library Committee was established with Mrs. H.G. Bodwell as chair. On July 28, 1933, there were over 500 books, at which time Mr. Earl Fowler painted “Community Library” on the front of the City Building. On August 11 of that year, the Enterprise reported that more than 100 books were checked out each week!

Early on, volunteers served as librarians. Mrs. Marguerite Fountain served as librarian from 1958-1995. The library is now dedicated to her years of service. A number of faithful volunteers have served the Arlington City Library over the years. There is a rich tradition in Arlington of community involvement. We always encourage our community to join in the support of the Arlington City Library. Call the library if you want to volunteer.